Friday, April 6, 2012

Save the Dates

Our Save the Dates arrived!!! I designed the vintage postcards on the MAC and ordered a custom stamp to direct guests to our wedding website.  I absolutely love how they turned out and they are special because we did them together! Kyle and I have been stamping, stuffing and addressing them to send out on Monday! 

We also had a Save the Date stamp for the enclosed parchment envelope.  

The Stamps

The Kraft Paper Envelops from

Front and Back 

There you have it.

Kyle was so cute when we opened the box! He was so excited and it made my day! I am so lucky to have him! Next Friday is the Engagement Party and you have to see the cute invites my sisters did! Stay Tuned and Stay Crafty!


  1. they are perfect! can't wait wait to see the invites for your engagement party!

  2. These are adorable!!