Thursday, April 12, 2012

AUNT Katie

My older sister Kinsey and her wonderful husband Jake are expecting their first baby this August!  We have been waiting for this wonderful news for a long time, so when they asked us over for pizza one Thursday night I thought..."maybe."
The night was ending and I was thinking tonight is not the night, but then they walked in with cupcakes topped with baby ducklings and baby rings!  
We all had tears of joy! It was so Awesome!!! They had the gender announcement party a few weeks back and we now know a baby BOY will join us in August! 
We can't wait to meet 
Graydon Betts McCutchen!


The Parents-to-be!

The monogram I designed for the announcements
The Announcement
The Announcement
The Announcement

The Inside
We took a few other shots while shooting the birth announcement and Duke wanted to be the star:)
They are just GLOWING!
The final proof before it went to print
Kamille, ME, and Mommy-to-Be Kinsey at the gender announcement!

Needless to say... I am so EXCITED to meet Gray! 
He will be escorting his mommy down the aisle at our wedding!
Speaking of wedding-
The Engagement Party is TOMORROW!



  1. that is going to be one adorable little boy! so excited for them!

    have a blast tomorrow at your party! :)

  2. I love their announcements! Those are adorable!!!

  3. Gray's such a cute and unusual name! I like it! And those announcements are adorable...nice work, future Aunt! :)
    And have fun at your engagement party!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

    1. thank you so much! love your blog!